Senior Data Engineer

Job description

Hi purpose-driven SENIOR DATA ENGINEER!

Would you like to work with the latest technologies in a sizzling data environment and make the world a safer and better place at the same time?

Have a look at Transaction Monitoring Netherlands (TMNL). We are creating a top-notch detection and monitoring company to make an impact in the fight against financial crime. We are an energetic and inspired team, where the curious, talented minds in anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime detection, data science, data engineering, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence join forces to make this possible. Together we design, build, accelerate and execute the collective monitoring of transactions from the five largest Dutch banks. This way we can detect signals and patterns of financial crimes at an unprecedented level. At TMNL you will experience the freshness, the freedom, the mandate and the pace of a start-up. We’re based on a healthy growing ground, as we have the full dedication and support of the five largest Dutch banks.

We offer you a very cool technical playground with all the latest technologies you need to create and accelerate our innovative, state-of-the-art transaction monitoring platform. Such a platform is a must-have to create the most effective detection and new insights, that will help banks, public sector and law enforcement to make a positive impact in the fight against financial crime.

A sneak preview of your new playing field:

  • AWS data management platform: AWS Glue, AWS Step Functions, Spark
  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform
  • Scalable Data Management platform: DQ, data transformation and complex data pipelines 
  • Scalable Data Science products 
  • Python as our main programming language
  • Multi-account CI/CD deployments

What this will mean for you:

  • Harness your technical, data engineering skills by working with large data sets coming from five different banks
  • Gain experience to the latest AWS technologies in a cloud-first setup
  • Expand your functional and business knowledge through close collaboration with AML specialists and data scientists on complex monitoring models

Job requirements

Must have:

  • Experience in building data pipelines with Python in a cloud setup (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • Experience with containers and packaging code
  • Experience in building CI/CD for data products
  • Knowledge of best practices in Python development
  • Knowledge of data modelling
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Experience in working SCRUM

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of Hive Metastore
  • Other programming languages: Java, GO
  • Financial/AML knowledge 
  • (Spark) graph data structures
  • Privacy-preserving analytics, Secure (Multi-Party) Computation
  • Streaming Data Processing
  • Experience in application development

Are you an expert on (most of) these topics and does our proposition excite you so far? Great! Let's share a bit more on what's good to know straight away.

At TMNL, our four key values are very important to us: we are courageous in innovation, curious in collaboration, persistent in responsibility and we take care of each other. Together we build a strong fundament based on ethics, embracement of all backgrounds, personalities and opinions, honesty and vulnerability in our interactions and constant experimentation. This way we will not only achieve the edge and quality in our work we aim for, but also the long-lasting societal change by finding and exposing the smartest bad actors in the financial world.

We’ll go all in to make sure you are not only excited about the purpose of your work but also about the work you do daily, who you work with and the culture you work in. Joining our team now, also means we invite you to contribute to co-creating the company you always wanted to work for.

As much as we love our work, we also enjoy a healthy work-life balance and an excellent benefit package. As a team, we will contribute all we can to make sure you are as happy, healthy and energetic at work as in life, so we can help each other to become better tomorrow then we are today.

Let’s connect and discover where it will take us. Just click the apply button or contact Martin van Hal (Head of Recruitment) via / +31 644 718 734) for further information. Enjoy the journey!